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If you’re looking to add the wow factor to your property or are building a new house and want to set it apart from the rest, Aluminium windows and doors are the product for you. 

We offer a huge range of Aluminium products. And with trusted suppliers like Origin doors you can be sure you’re getting the right quality. 

Aluminium bi-folding doors

Bi foldingd doors halifax

Available as a bi-fold, a corner set, a traditional French door and a single, the Origin Door is one of the most timeless and sought after renovation solutions. In addition to being visually stunning, because of its bespoke nature, it offers complete versatility, ensuring it meets your functional, as well as stylistic requirements.

Complementing any property – whether it be a new or existing build, an extension, or even a period styled cottage – the Origin Door is guaranteed to change the way a home is interacted with, enabling it to be enjoyed like never before, wherever you may be.

The Origin Bi-fold Door holds the key to longer summer days, warmer winter evenings and an all year round uninterrupted widescreen view of your world.

Aluminium residential doors

Your home, your doors – with all the little details just
as you want them. All Origin products are bespoke to
you, and the Residential Door is no exception.

We understand that no two doors are the same, which
is why our comprehensive range of low-maintenance,
highly insulated and secure residential doors are
available in a variety of styles, features, colours,
accessories and finishes to suit all tastes.

With 35 stunning panel choices available you’re bound to find the right style and colour for you. Two most popular panel options from our seamless range – SE07 and SE04 are available in just 2 weeks when ordered in Anthracite Grey or Jet Black. 

Aliminium windows

Modernising the design of traditional 19th Century
timber windows, Origin have created a highly durable
and blissfully functional solution which is perfect for
the 21st Century.

With unrivalled good looks, security and thermal
performance, the Origin Window also offers the added
benefits of being maintenance free and manufactured
from a premium grade aluminium for long-term reliability.

Smart and clean in appearance, the sash sits neatly
inside the window frame, creating an industry-first
internal and external flush casement.

With no overlapping frames, often synonymous with
windows, the flush casement comes together to create
a truly timeless finish. All that remains is a sleek shadow
line where the sash meets the frame.

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